How To Be 100% Anonymous when Connected to VPN

How to Be 100% Anonymous When Connected to VPN

Well connecting to a Free or Paid VPN doesn't assure you 100% anonymity,some corrections should also be performed from user side too,the browser which you use leaks some confidential information which reveals your true IP address.There are some elements in the browser which should be disabled.

The options which should be disabled are :

  • Web RTC Leak
  • Javascript
  • Adobe Flash
  • DoNotTrack
These options should be disabled from browser settings.

Steps to Check your Anonymity when connected to VPN:

  • Connect to VPN ( to any country).
  • Open in browser
Better check this video below to know your anonymity level when connected to VPN:

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Once after opening , now click on the " Your Anonymity " and see what are all the options which reduces the anonymity level.

  • You may see " DoNotTrack" to be disabled , you can do that by going into your setting -> advanced settings -> then tick on " DoNotTrack " request to send.
  • Like wise disable Javascript.
  • And then open a new tab in chrome and go to chrome://plugins to disable Adobe Flash. If you are using any other browser such Firefox , then you can find Flash in Addons or Plugins sections in the settings.
  • And finally , you have to install a extension for chrome foe Web RTC Leak , which cannot be disabled in your chrome browser.Go to the following url to add the extension here.
  • And the main thing is , you should change the time in your PC according to the country which you are connected in your VPN.
Better watch the below video to understand better:

Charan G is an engineering student who is pursuing his 4th year of Computer Science & Engineering degree in Chennai,India.He is a person who loves Ethical Hacking and Network Security but he is a beginner,probably still learning and he has started blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experience to the outer world.

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