How To Get The Needed Information During Footprinting

Hello Guys!! Let's talk about footprinting today and in this post, I'll reveal to you how to get the foundation information or administrations that a site is running. This will be useful in increasing some data amid the Information Gathering process and footprinting.

From Network:
  • Domain Name
  • IDS
  • Authentication Methods
  • Networking Protocols
  • Internal DNS Information
  • Private Websites
  • VPN Devices
  • TCP & UDP Services Running
  • Network Block
  • IP Addresses of Reachable Computer Systems
From Systems:
  • Passwords
  • Remote System Type
  • User & Group Names
  • System Banners
  • System Names
From Organizations:
  • Addresses & Phone Numbers
  • Background of the Organization
  • Company Directory
  • Location Details
  • Employee Details
  • Organization other websites
  • Press Releases
  • Security Policies Implemented
How to get that information from other areas:
  1. Search Engines ( Google, Altavista, Metacrawler, Bing, etc. )
  2. WHOIS Records
  3. DNS
  4. Social Networks
  5. Website Mirroring
  6. People Sites
  7. URL Analysis
  8. Job Sites
  9. Financial Web
  10. Alert Websites
  11. Archive Websites ( )
  12. Google Earth.

Charan G is an engineering student who is pursuing his 4th year of Computer Science & Engineering degree in Chennai,India.He is a person who loves Ethical Hacking and Network Security but he is a beginner,probably still learning and he has started blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experience to the outer world.

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