How To Use nslookup For Footprinting Using CMD

How To Use nslookup For Footprinting Using CMD

How to Use nslookup in footprinting phase for Ethical Hacking and find various DNS Queries which will help us in gathering more and related information from the system or website that we want for our Hacking Project.

Follow The Below Steps:-
Step 1  Go to and get an overview of resource records.
Step 2  Now open your command prompt or terminal.
Step 3, Type nslookup then press “Enter”.
Step 4  Type set type=a then press “Enter”
Now simply enter the target site and get the addresses.
Watch the video to know better!!

Charan G is an engineering student who is pursuing his 4th year of Computer Science & Engineering degree in Chennai,India.He is a person who loves Ethical Hacking and Network Security but he is a beginner,probably still learning and he has started blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experience to the outer world.

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