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How to Increase Your YouTube Views More Faster Than Ever - Best Legal Trick

How to Increase Your YouTube Views More Faster Than Ever

Hello Everyone , we shall today discuss about earning 50$ per day using YouTube Adsense while increasing page views ,well this an simple and easy trick which is perfectly legal and no need to worry of getting banned.This trick shows how to increase your traffic and ad clicks by keeping the best keywords which shows our video or channel in the first place in YouTube search results.

Follow the Steps to Be performed:

  • Search for a video related to the video which you created.
  • Now select the Video from the search results which has high number of views.
  • Now, view page source for the video.
  • Search for "keywords" by using "ctrl+f".
  • Copy all the keywords from there.
  • Paste those keywords in your video tags box or keywords box. 

Watch the below video for better understanding:

How to Enhance/Filter a Video Using YouTube Editor

Adding Filter to YouTube Videos

Hi guy's , well adding effects to an existing video is not a big task , it is very simple as we do in our smartphones.Editing or enhancing a video in YouTube doesn't takes much time ,it's an simple task which you can by logging into your YouTube account and.......better see the below video for more understanding:

The Benefits of Enhancing a Video:

  • Good video quality with effects - such as HDR
  • Avoiding Copyright strike down ,if it is other's video.
  • Adding music gives the video a good background theme.
  • Keeping the viewer to watch the video for more 1 minute.
  • Opening a number of videos from our channel.
  • Subscribing to our channel.
Following the Video Gives you understanding on how it works:

In the Upcoming post , I will Show you how trim/split videos using YouTube editor.

How to Earn More Revenue Using Youtube - Top Factors to be Known

How to earn more revenue using Youtube

Factors that Increase your Ad Revenue on YouTube

Let’s point out seven of the elements that go in deciding what quantity cash create|you create} from ads on your YouTube channel so you'll quite perhaps higher perceive the way to make alittle bit more cash from your videos going forward. That’s turning out.

Supreme Fishing wrote and asked this question.

What determines your rate of pay on YouTube. this is often really most likely a additional difficult question than you're thinking that it's. There’s plenty of variables, plenty of things that go in deciding this. I’m progressing to offer you a number of them.

But 1st of all, let’s be clear as a result of there’s plenty of language thrown around regarding CPM and revolutions per minute. currently revolutions per minute is that the actual quantity of revenue that you simply attained. And to envision what that range is, simply attend and log in your AdSense account there. And you’ll see right there within the front of it, an outline page. it'll offer you your revolutions per minute, which is that the actual quantity of cash that you simply were obtaining paid per 1,000 views throughout the date vary that you simply have elect there in your summary.

What Advertisers are Paying

Typically, it’s floating somewhere between like $1.80 and $2.50– is kind average here within the USA, however there’s ton of things that go in that, and let Pine Tree State tell you what a number of them are. Number one, your rate of pay is decided by what advertisers are paying to show ads on YouTube. that's referred to as the CPM. and so that CPM gets break up between you, between your copyright holders, between YouTube, and everything. What you really get is then thought-about the revolutions per minute.

And totally different industries have– you recognize, they’re paying totally different costs for ads. as an example, if you’re attracting insurance ads, insurance ads, typically speaking, are paying plenty over, you know, just like the bottom of the barrel like toothpaste kind ads would. thus if you've got a YouTube video that provides totally different insurance recommendation, that video presumably attract higher paying ads than say a private hygiene video that’s teaching individuals the way to brush their teeth, I don’t recognize.

Pay Rate

Number two, your rate of pay is additionally determined by the frequency that ads are displayed against your content. Now, not each viewer sees a poster each single time they are available to 1 of your videos. There are plenty of variables that go in this. as an example, however long has it been since the last time that person saw a poster. If it’s been but seven minutes, they won’t see another TrueView or non-skippable video therein frame. however if it’s been over seven minutes, then they presumably can see one.

There’s additionally alternative things to think about. as an example, YouTube can confirm however tolerant is that this video for ads? Like if we have a tendency to showed a poster on this video, do the majority find yourself simply clicking away and not finance into it? And it additionally determines well, however tolerant is every individual viewer? You know? as a result of YouTube gets to grasp however totally different individuals move with ads. And if there’s somebody who contains a low tolerance for ads, that may have totally different show rate frequency than somebody who has sort of a high tolerance for ads.

Location of Viewer

Number 3, it additionally depends on what country your viewer is in. as a result of here within the USA, there’s plenty additional payment happening for a poster bucks here than they're in perhaps another countries or overseas, wherever a viewer there's presumably progressing to get a less costly ad, like from associate, advertizer that’s paying less. thus if you've got plenty folks and Canada sort of viewers, you’ll most likely build over if you've got plenty of viewers from just like the middle of Africa.

Copyrighted Music in Content

Number four, your rate of pay may be determined by if there’s proprietary music in your content or not. Let’s say you utilize music or one thing that you simply don’t own the rights to, which copyright holder determined that they we’re simply progressing to take a cut of the advertising revenue from your video, either utterly all of it, or simply a little of it. that may build a distinction. even though you get millions and innumerable views on your video, however all the revenue is being split between of these multiple parties, and you’re simply obtaining a sliver or none of it in any respect.

Demand Amongst Adverstisers

Number 5, your rate of pay may be determined by what quantity demand there's amongst advertisers to show their ads specifically against your channel. Now, let’s say you've got a extremely targeted channel, and you've got a extremely engaged audience, and these advertisers recognize i need my stuff precisely ahead of the those who are looking at Tim Schmoyer’s Video Creators channel, then if there’s plenty of them simply bidding specifically on Video Creators, then that drives it up and so I build more cash, and that they pay more cash.

Who is marketing the Ad

Number six, quite going at the side of that, it additionally depends on who is marketing the ad. thus there’s some other ways this may happen. If you’re with an MCN, then your YouTube network may well be selling– like their ad sales groups may well be going out and obtaining the ads, and delivery them, and displaying those against your channel, which may influence what quantity cash you’re creating.

It may well be that YouTube’s own sales team goes out there, and that they say hey, here’s Tim’s channel. or even they pooled like your channel into a bucket of a group of alternative channels and they’re marketing all those channels along. There’s some other ways it works, however YouTube’s own sales team may sell directly, or there’s the AdWords, that is quite just like the leftover inventory.

Remnant views get sold  through that, associated that’s simply an auction bidding war, basically. which is wherever you get quite the most cost effective, most cheap ads coming back here to YouTube. Now, that's to not say that if you're with an MCN, {that you|that you simply|that you simply} can get a better rpm on your videos than you'd just through AdSense, or through what individuals are paying through AdWords alone, as a result of that’s not essentially true.

Because keep in mind, if you're with an MCN, then it goes back to the opposite principle i used to be talking regarding. It depends on what percentage parties your revenue’s being split between. so that they may bring a better CPM, however it doesn’t extremely matter if it’s being split currently between YouTube, your YouTube network, and between you. Like, it’s simply quite depends. thus MCN doesn't straight up mean more cash.

Types of Ads that Your Viewers are Interacting With

Number seven, your rate of pay is additionally determined by the kinds of ads that your viewers are interacting with. as an example, ‘ a non-skippable pre-roll ad typically doesn’t pay the maximum amount as associate engaged read would, that is from sort of a TrueView read wherever individuals will skip it once 5 seconds, and so they solely pay if the viewer watches up to thirty seconds of that ad. Or contemplate that around your videos, there are ads additionally on the particular page, or maybe on prime of the video itself from very cheap.

So there’s plenty {of totally different|of various} ad like units and different ad varieties, and every one among those pays otherwise moreover. thus you'll begin to envision however your rate of pay, rpm that you’re earning really gets extremely difficult, and this is often similar to a fraction of an outline of a number of the items that go in deciding what your rate of pay is. thus all that aforesaid, at the top of the day, however does one use that info to create more cash on your YouTube channel?

Well, what it extremely comes right down to is that this. you only have to be compelled to get plenty additional views. that i do know seems like I simply entirely abused your intelligence, however it extremely will. the explanation I say that's as a result of plenty of you guys, you'll get extremely entrenched in well, I’m progressing to build additional insurance videos or let Pine Tree State build additional child content as a result of children area unit less possible to skip ads, they’re additional possible to interact in ads. you'll do all that sort of factor, however at the top of the day, it simply extremely comes right down to creating really expert content that plenty of individuals need to look at and finding ways that to monetize that even outside of AdSense, if necessary.

Like this may presumably forever be a awfully tiny channel, comparatively speaking compared to the remainder of YouTube, as a result of my niche is thus tiny. then I’m not progressing to be obtaining millions and innumerable views. thus I actually have alternative things happening, a business model wrapped around this additionally. except for a number of you guys, such as you are– you’re creating content {that you|that you simply|that you simply} will just get extremely huge views on. And if you'll simply do this, specialize in creating that, then the money simply comes, and you don’t extremely have the play the complete game of like simply making an attempt to game the system so as to urge an additional like $2.50.

My encouragement to you is don’t try and game the system. simply build nice content, and work on promoting it. Work on building your audience, and work on particularly obtaining additional traffic from search and connected videos. That’s extremely wherever you’re progressing to get the majority of your ad revenue from, not the maximum amount, from my expertise, from your actual subscriber read.

So hopefully that helps you out a little bit. If you've got any tips and concepts that, yourself. I’d like to hear from that within the comments below. If you would like to find out additional regarding this, undoubtedly scan the comments below. There are forever extremely useful individuals here during this community that’ll offer you extremely nice recommendation down there, and you’ll learn plenty from them like I do each single video.